The kitchen is arguably the most used room in the house. It often provides a rear or side entrance to the home that sometimes becomes the preferred way in and out, at least for the family, and modern kitchens are often a good deal more sociable than simple places to cook. They are sometimes combined with a dining room and they very often become nice places to chill out.

The rugs used in the kitchen, then, have to be pretty hardwearing – more hardwearing, for example, than the rugs that you might use in the bedroom which only really sees traffic from bare feet and that only occasionally. Kitchen rugs have to deal with shoes and people coming and going all the time.

It’s a good job that dedicated kitchen rugs exist. These are rugs that have been designed to withstand a bit more when it comes to activity. They are often sturdier and tougher even if they are still stylish and attractive. They come in washable varieties too so that they can be smartened up quickly and without the use of specialist cleaners and products.