There’s a lot to be said for decorating in an eco-friendly manner these days. It’s partly the way to go because there’s plenty of information out there on how much of an impact human beings have on the environment and how we can limit the negatives. Since environmentalism is so prevalent these days, it’s also fashionable to be into more eco-friendly forms of design.

So what sort of additions can you make to your home décor in order to demonstrate that you prefer eco-friendly options? Natural rugs are a good place to start. Not only do they immediately give your home a more natural twist in terms of its appearance, they are also made using the most eco-friendly processes available.

These rugs – usually designed using sustainable materials like sisal and bamboo – are made using low energy manufacturing processes. It’s all about bringing great design in line with sustainability, something that is very much on trend but that should also appeal to your sense of responsibility with regard to the environment. You can build on the introduction of natural rugs by finding other sustainable products that reflect an eco-friendly outlook.