Certain rooms really lend themselves to the inclusion of laminate flooring and rugs. Since laminate flooring is so east to clean and maintain it makes sense to use it in the more intensely practical parts of the house that see a lot of foot traffic – places like the kitchen and dining room. This sort of floor covering is also really useful in rooms where pets are allowed – conservatories often fall into this bracket.

Then rugs can be used to jazz up the room given that laminate flooring usually needs a little bit of a boost in terms of colour and style. Modern rugs represent a delightful addition and they enjoy a very stylish relationship with laminate flooring of different fashions and finishes. However, it’s important to accommodate rugs using special underlay for smooth surfaces.

Anti-slip rug underlay is an important addition because it keeps rugs in place when they are laid on laminate flooring which is otherwise too smooth a surface to set up any friction with the underside of a rug. This sort of underlay makes using rugs and laminate flooring together a much safer option and it prevents rugs from constantly shifting around and interrupting the effect of your décor.