The dining room is sometimes neglected by homeowners in terms of décor. It’s certainly the case that people spend an awful lot of time decorating the lounge, doing up the kitchen and making the bedrooms and bathrooms look great. Why don’t people spend quite as much time on the dining areas?

One reason is that people don’t spend all that much time socialising in their dining rooms and the practicality of the space pretty much takes care of itself. Once you’ve got a nice set of tables and chairs and some nice tableware that seems like it.

However, that’s not really the case. The reason people spend little time chilling out in their dining rooms is that they aren’t decorated all that comfortably. People would be keener to spend time hanging out and extending meal times with a bit of extra comfort.

Sometimes it comes in the form of colour from wall art, but modern rugs are also great at making dining rooms feel like more inviting places to spend time. Large rugs with lovely patterns can be placed underneath table and chair sets to up the style stakes and the comfort stakes all at once.