When the entire house is fitted with attractive and easy to maintain wood or laminate flooring housework is made extremely easy and a modern aesthetic is quite simple to achieve. But is there something missing in the parts of the house where comfort is considered one of the chief elements?

The fact is that houses finished in this way do lose a little something in terms of softness and comfort. However, it’s easy to bring that back in the form of attractive wool rugs. Wool is a soft material that has a great effect when it comes to making interiors seem homely.

It’s possible to simply introduce a couple of rugs and retain the smooth and clean finish of the laminate or wood in the other parts of the house. The lounge is one obvious candidate and bedrooms are the other. Everywhere else may benefit from being left as it is, although kitchen rugs, hallway runners, dining room rugs and so on are certainly available.

In open plan spaces, rugs are a good way of demarking the comfortable zones and setting them apart from the more practical zones that occupy the same overall open space.