Living in student accommodation over the winter isn’t always the most comfortable experience. Students are obviously fairly strapped for cash and so they can’t really throw all that money in the direction of their heating bills. As such, it’s pretty common for students to use their central heating quite sparingly and wrap up instead.

This can be a worry for parents but generally speaking students are a hardy bunch and manage perfectly well on their own. For all that, it is nice for parents to know that their kids enjoy a few home comforts to make the winter that much more tolerable when money’s a little tight. That’s where student rugs come in.

Cheap discount and clearance rugs fit the bill for student housing because they don’t involve a lot of expense but they make living rooms and bedrooms so much cosier. They do the job of giving residents a nice soft and warm surface to walk on – one that doesn’t give them that icy shock whenever they get up from the sofa.

Parents can even take the opportunity to send their student kids off to university with one of their old rugs as the perfect excuse to buy a new one!