Jazzing up the home with rugs makes a lot of sense because it is so easy. You only need to put your time into picking out a really great rug that will go with all the other things that contribute towards your interior design – the furniture, the wall art, the wallpaper and so on.

A lot of modern homemakers find what they are looking for in the Scion rug collection. Scion rugs are all about bringing traditional and modern styling together. This is really important if you are after a really cute effect that seems to express vintage elements at the same time as coming off as incredibly contemporary.

Bridging the gap between the traditional and the modern when it comes to home design is a really good way of keeping things trendy while hanging onto the homeliness of more time-honoured motifs and styles.

The team behind Scion rugs are experts in trendy design and the fact that they’ve joined forces with rug specialists Brink & Campman means that together they’re able to produce rugs of incredibly good quality that are bold, vibrant, interesting and fun – just the thing for a contemporary living room.