What do you want most from the rug in your living room? For many people, the answer is a sense of comfort. They want a rug that they can come home to after a day at work, a morning running errands, a busy social afternoon or a night out and sink their toes into, relishing the luxury and the warmth.

This is what a lot of people really want from their interior design in rooms like the living room and the bedroom. Other rooms can be devoted to practicality while these rooms are devoted to really taking it easy and enjoying the opportunity to sink into a more homely attitude and environment.

Shaggy rugs really deliver in this capacity. They are definitely among the softest and most luxurious rugs on the market. And the feature that really stands out? That has to be the one that gives shaggy rugs their name: their deep soft fibres that feel so lovely underfoot.

Since so many people prioritise comfort and warmth in their living rooms and shaggy rugs do such a good job of delivering, it should come as little surprise that these rugs are actually the most popular variety of rugs in the UK.