Traditional rugs often feature time-honoured patterns that you’ll be able to recognise thanks to their popular use over the years. When shopping around for great traditional rugs to help you get a lovely vintage or traditional look at home, it’s best to get familiar with some of the following patterns:


Tartan patterning is something that most people are quite familiar with. It immediately calls to mind Highland fashion, which is great is you are hoping to create a homely atmosphere in your lounge or dining room – the kind of atmosphere that welcomes people in from the cold. Tartans vary in terms of colour scheme but dominant colours are usually reds and greens.


Plaid is similar to tartan in that linear shapes are involved, but there’s a delicacy to plaid that isn’t always evident in tartan patterns. Plaid rugs are available in all sorts of colours and where tartans act as the main event in a room, plaids provide a bit of understated support for whatever else is going on in the space.


Paisley is wonderfully traditional and it helps you to make a very bold statement using colour. Paisley rugs are the perfect traditional rugs for spaces that have been decorated quite plainly with a view to using textiles as the more dominant flourishes.