Continuing our look at the most popular patterns on the rug market.


The most traditional rugs out there are probably those whose patterns have Middle Eastern origins. Traditional kilims and carpets are recognisable because of the wonderful arabesque motifs woven into them – stunning patterns that have been in used since the very first rugs were designed and created on the Asian continent.


Of course, you can’t talk about the massive Asian influence on rug design without bringing oriental styles into the equation. While the arabesque features of traditional rugs from the Middle East were capturing the imagination of one portion of the Asian continent, more oriental motifs were bringing Japanese and Chinese designs to life. They’ve lived on to this day and oriental rugs are among the most popular on the market.


We couldn’t really address the topic of familiar rug patterns without looking at floral rugs. A fantastic assortment of floral rugs is to be found out there. The great thing about them is the bridge the gap between the modern and the traditional. As such, you’ll find flowers represented on very contemporary rugs as well as those that are a little more vintage.