Among the most popular toys for children are those little model cars that look like miniature versions of the real thing. They really grab the attention of kids, particularly little boys, partly because they are so intricate and satisfy their interests about machines like cars and trucks, and partly because it’s fun to make believe using these common symbols of everyday life.

Road map rugs really help children to play with model cars because they set up that additional supporting element of make-believe – they give them a little world to populate with cars and imaginary characters.

Playing with toy cars is good for children’s spatial awareness and hand to eye co-ordination. It might even help children to learn about the roads and the sooner that happens the better in terms of their safety!

However, road map rugs are more about supporting play and helping your young ones to get more out of the time they spent to themselves. It’s amazing just how long children can spend driving their model cars around well-designed road map rugs, which you can get in various sizes to fit in a bedroom or playroom.