Bamboo rugs for the home are a great idea if you have quite an affinity for oriental design. Oriental rugs are obviously associated with oriental design but they are often complete with motifs that you would usually expect in the Middle East – countries like Turkey where rug production is a traditional stretching back centuries. The arabesques and Middle Eastern motifs of these rugs don’t speak much to your sensibilities if you identify more with the Far East.

So what can you do to bring a bit of the Far East into your interior design? Well the best thing to do is to look for rugs that are exceptionally clean and simple and made out of natural materials. This immediately points your search in the direction of natural fibre rugs like bamboo rugs, jute rugs and sisal rugs.

These natural fibres have the effect of sprucing up the home without bringing too much in the way of accents either from colour or patterning. This gives them greater subtlety in line with the sort of design you might expect from cool, calm and contemplative traditionally Far Eastern interiors.