Shaggy rugs look great. Getting their name from the long pile and mountain of fibres used to give them their fluffy look and super soft finish, shaggy rugs not only make a fantastic accessory in a room but they also create a feeling of cosiness and comfort, which makes you immediately want to sprawl out on them and fall asleep.

Given their quality and versatility, shaggy rugs are as popular today as they were when they first hit mainstream consciousness in the 1980s and are now available in practically every colour in existence and in a myriad of different styles.
Whilst they may make a luxuriously soft addition to a room, shaggy rugs, with their yards of soft fibres and deluxe material, are not the easiest accessories to clean and caring for your shaggy rug can be more difficult than looking after rugs with a shorter pile.

Instead of flinching every time your children step dangerously close to your new fluffy rug with a drink, or becoming slightly obsessive about wiping the dog’s paws every time he’s been outside to prevent him from putting stains on your beloved new rug, you could just accept the fact that your fluffy rug isn’t going to stay in its pristine showroom condition forever, and instead know the best way to clean and remove stains from your favourite long-haired fixture.

Regular vacuuming

In order to help keep your shaggy rug in tip-top condition, it should be vacuumed regularly, preferably twice a week. We recommend using the nozzle attachment of a hoover as fibres can be damaged by abrasive brushes and this will create excessive shedding of the pile.

Beat the rug on a clothes line

Instead of battling with the hoover or the brush, you could just pick your shaggy rug up, place it on the clothes line and give it a good beating. This somewhat therapeutic cleaning method will effectively dislodge all dirt, dust and grime that may have built-up in the rug.
Removing stains

If your attempts to keep your rug void of stains have been to no avail, you’ll be pleased to know that you can effectively remove the stain by patting it vigorously with a damp cloth. Rinse the cloth out often and try to pull up on the fibres to remove the stain from the fibres.

Keeping a shaggy rug clean and void of stains can be a great investment, after all who wants to be greeted by a grimy and stain-laden rug, shaggy or not, when they come home from a hard day at work? Not only this, but when you consider the cost and inconvenience of replacing carpets and rugs, looking after the ones that you’ve got certainly makes sense.
If beating your rug, vacuuming it regularly and vigorously patting out stains sounds too much like hard work, you could always opt to exploit the expertise and equipment of a professional carpet cleaning company.

Clean and Tidy have been cleaning shaggy rugs for years and have helped keep a variety of collections in pristine condition.