Hand-woven rugs are really popular because shoppers often like to see that a traditional craft has gone into the production of the soft furnishings and decorative elements they use at home. Of course, it’s no good just to enjoy the authenticity of hand-woven rugs – they have to look good too if they are going to play a positive role in your interior design plan.

The Plantation Rug Company is renowned for producing stunning hand-woven rugs. The company has been operating since the 1930s and it has built up a great reputation for its collections of traditional and modern rugs that are made using traditional crafts and techniques. These are authentic rugs with a fabulous aesthetic agenda.

They are also made using really high quality materials. Plantation rugs are therefore soft and luxurious as well as beautifully constructed. The choice of these designer rugs is varied too, both in terms of the colour palettes they adhere to and in terms of the graphics used to finish them off and make them fit different settings. It’s likely that this respected design house will going producing amazing collections for a long time yet!