What people tend to notice about Sanderson rugs is the delicate styling that goes into them. The designers behind these lovely rugs are all about making artistic understatements that somehow combine in order to produce collections that really arrest the eye. Homeowners who want rugs that are both tasteful and effective are drawn to the Sanderson range time and time again.

It’s partly about colour and partly about pattern. The Sanderson design team are experts at manipulating both in order to come up with collections that appeal on several different levels. They look comfortable and homely at the same time as being very contemporary and vibrant. It takes considerable artistic skill to design rugs that are bold and calming at the same time!

Of course, people who opt for Sanderson rugs can rely on the brand when it comes to quality too. As much time and effort goes into sourcing the best materials and manufacturing these rugs – thanks to the Brink & Campman partnership – as that which goes into testing out new designs in order to cater for modern homemakers in the best possible way.