There’s absolutely no reason why kids’ rugs can’t also be incredibly modern and stylish. Just because you want your interior design to appeal to children and to their wild imaginations, that does not mean you have to choose kids’ rugs that detract slightly from the contemporary style you’ve got going on in the rest of the house.

You only need to look at some of the Wonderland Rugs range to see what happens when designers start to think about how kids’ rugs can be fit into cool, modern homes, performing the dual purpose of making the home environment for fun for children and reinforcing the modern aesthetic and values of the décor.

The Wonderland range uses themes and motifs from nature to appeal to kids but the patterning and the colour palettes used are also incredibly appealing from a modern design point of view. They are calming and comfortable at the same time as having a sense of humour and a sense of childish delight about them.

The Wonderland team aren’t the only rug designers who manage to bring off this effect, but they are a good place to start on your search for the perfect floor coverings for a child’s bedroom or playroom.