You’re probably well aware of the fact that you’re able to choose from a huge variety of rugs: rugs that vary in terms of the materials they are made out of; rugs that vary in terms of the patterns they feature; rugs that vary in terms of their thickness and weight; rugs that vary in terms of their care information and so on. However, you must realise that you can pick between rugs that very in terms of their shape as well.

Shape is something people don’t always dwell on when they shop for rugs. They know that rectangular rugs are the norm and don’t necessarily think about other shapes. However, other shapes are available.

Of the alternative shapes, round rugs are probably the most popular. These are a great option for square spaces that you don’t want to become too square and linear. Soft lines often do a good job of softening the appearance of a space.

Then there are skins and pelts that have more of a triangular aspect. This again disrupts the potential irksome symmetry and regularity of a comfortable, informal space.

Finally, there are plenty of kids’ rugs about there that have quite fun shapes in line with the more imaginative and playful design of playrooms and nurseries.