Living in a house that has been kitted out with nice wooden or laminate floors is generally thought of as quite a modern way of living, although wooden floors are quite obviously very traditional too. This gives you a lot versatility when it comes to design. You can decorate your home traditionally, contemporarily or with a particular theme or style that applies to you personally.

One thing you can’t necessarily achieve without a couple of well-chosen additions is a quiet house. The sound of people moving about the house on wooden or laminate floors tends to reverberate around each room especially from the bedrooms and landing upstairs to the rooms on the ground floor, but it works both ways.

People combat this effect by using nice thick rugs. Good quality rugs help to reduce the sound of foot traffic in parts of the house, just as carpeted stairs do the same thing. Wool rugs are often chosen because they are hard wearing and stylish as well as being thick enough to reduce the transfer of sound from floor to ceiling.

Wool rugs come in lots of styles. Traditional rugs, modern rugs and everything in between are available so they don’t hamper the versatility of your setup.