Rugs are fantastic in very small living rooms because they help to ramp up the cosiness of the space. This is obviously something that appeals much more greatly to people during the winter because home is all about refuge from discomfort in the form of bad weather.

The main problem for small lounges and living rooms is the fact that it’s hard to squeeze lots of snug furniture into them. You might only have room for one sofa and that makes it difficult for a number of people to enjoy the space at once.

You can’t necessarily sit up a cosy group and enjoy what’s on TV for instance. However, you can get creative with your seating. You can get things like bean bags that don’t take up much space but that boost your options.

You mustn’t neglect the floor either. The floor is a legitimate seating option in small lounges and living rooms, but only if it is comfortable enough. That’s where thick rugs come in. You can get nice thick shaggy rugs that are perfectly comfortable to sit on and that help make your lounge more sociable and more comfortable when space is at a premium for furniture.