Highland fashion is definitely on trend at the moment. The autumn and winter months always see a bit of a revival of the Highland look, but the fact that so many people are into vintage style and heritage fashion at the moment means that the Highland tradition holds even greater appeal for people.

Fashion on the high street and style in the home always inform one another, so there’s certainly a strong correlation between the revival of interior design with a Highland twist and the outfits that people are likely to be wearing through the autumn and winter of 2013.

Achieving the Highland look in your own home is about using colour and patterns effectively. There are a couple of routes you can go down. One is to choose olive greens and purples to get the lovely heather look. The other is to trade the purple in for reds and burnt oranges for that autumnal streak.

The great thing about textile market is the fact that you can usually find traditional rugs finished with tartan patterning, as well as throws and cushions to match. These look great when paired up with leather and dark wood furniture.