It’s great when designers come up with new ways of presenting traditional styles. Homemakers particularly appreciate with creative skill when it comes to rug design, because fresh ideas often work wonders in the home. The team at Louis de Poortere are actually responsibly for a wonderfully creative approach to traditional style that is evident in their Louis de Poortere Vintage Patchwork collection.

Louis de Poortere rugs have always been lauded by homeowners and interior designers for their quality and for their use of colour and materials. However, the Vintage Patchwork collection really stands out for its treatment of traditional motifs. A quick glance at the collection is enough to get a sense of the innovation that has gone into creating a range that marries modern presentation with traditional elements.

Are these rugs traditional rugs or are they modern rugs? In truth, they’re both. Their patchwork presentation enables lots of different traditional motifs to be used alongside one another in a modern and artistic manner. It’s possible to get hold of varieties that makes use of gradients of a single colour as well as multi-coloured varieties depending on what best suits your current theme.