Shaggy rugs are already very popular in informal settings and in rooms where a quirky bit of comfortable design goes down very well. Kids’ rooms, bedrooms, conservatories and funky living spaces are all common homes for shaggy rugs, but some people worry that they might make the space seem a bit too informal, almost in an untidy fashion.

This is definitely not the case with Twilight rugs. These high quality wilton rugs are made to offer the comfort and luxuriousness of shaggy rugs but they do so with a really smart and sophisticated finish. They represent the ideal choice if you want to make your living room more comfortable both to the touch and to the eye, but you want to retain a smart, modern look.

Another worry for some is the possibility of rugs shedding, but the quality of Twilight rugs is such that they don’t shed and this means they remain thick and luxurious and they don’t become untidy additions to the room once they’ve been in place for some time. Colours and sizes vary an enormous amount so it’s worth taking a look at the entire collection.