Modern rugs often fall into different subcategories according to the effect they have on people’s surroundings and people’s moods. This is usually to do with colour. So what are the different types of modern rugs you might find out there? Here’s an unofficial guide:

Loud rugs

Loud rugs tend to be those that are designed with really bold designs and bright colours. They’re great at lifting a room and providing accent, as long as that is the effect you are after.

Calming rugs

Calming rugs often do the opposite. They level the mood out in a really appealing way. They still stand out but they often have pastel shades rather than the bold, bright shades of colours found in louder rugs.

Neutral rugs

Neutral rugs take colour out of the equation entirely. They are ideal if you have colour accents coming from different features in the room and you don’t want your rugs to clash with those features.

Feature rugs

Rugs that can be classed as feature rugs don’t just use colour – they use patterning too. They often feature more than one colour and they act as a real centrepiece in any room, drawing everyone’s attention. It’s important these aren’t placed alongside too many other focal pieces.