In open plan living arrangements, you are bound to have certain spaces unoccupied by bits of furniture that act as passageways for people to get from place to place. There are no rooms, per se, and no corridors either, but there are zones that take the place of these things and it’s important to make sure that they exist because they ensure the house remains practical and comfortable.

The narrow spaces that take the place of the corridors are important from a decorative point of view because they are often the largest areas of free floor space. They might run alongside dinner tables between the kitchen and the dining area in the most common open plan layouts.

Dressing these areas is about finding really attractive rugs that fit the dimensions properly. The best rugs to use here are hallway runners because they are specifically designed for narrower portions of floor space. They are intended for the hallway, but they can just as easily denote a walkway in an open plan flat or house.

What’s more, designers recognise that the use of hallway runners is widespread and as such they create a whole host of stunning examples within each collection.