It’s important to ask yourself why you are interested in buying a rug for a given space in your house before you actually make the investment. What practical purpose do you want the rug to fulfil? Answering this question will make it much easier to decide which rug from the countless rugs on the market you should go for. There’s so much choice out there that a bit of thought is necessary to narrow things down.

This article and the one following it are all about how the various answers to the question above will influence your choice of rug.

You want a rug for added warmth

Warmth is a major reason for many people to buy rugs, especially given the popularity of hardwood floors and laminate floors. Shaggy rugs and sheepskin rugs tend to be the best on the market for warmth, both in terms of how they look and how they feel.

You want a rug for noise reduction

Thicker rugs are better for noise reduction so there’s no point in getting a flat woven rug if you want noise insulation on a hardwood floor. Wool rugs with a deep pile are a much better option here. Skins and pelts can also be thick enough to do the same job.