This article is a continuation on the theme of using purpose to help you decide on the best rug.

You want a rug to make the place more fun

In order to make a room more fun you often have to introduce colour or a jazzy pattern. This is something you can achieve more readily with modern rugs than with any other type of rugs because designers work hard to make them stand out for their vibrancy.

You want a rug to show off your taste

If it’s more about creating a tasteful and sophisticated look then you may be better off with traditional rugs because of their timeless appeal. However, natural rugs often do a really good job of making rooms look more tastefully decorated too. This is because they are understated.

You want a rug that fits your eco-friendly outlook

Being eco-friendly is important to lots of people. Natural rugs made from bamboo, sisal and jute and good examples of rugs that use natural resources in a responsible way, supporting industry without actually taking a great deal of energy to produce. They’re great if you have a green agenda at home and want to express that fact.