Decorating the bedroom is always about putting comfort first. Obviously the overall effect has to look good, but it has to look good in the most comfortable way in order for the bedroom to be inviting and cosy. The trouble is the shape of the room and the areas of floor space that are left once the bed is in place.

It’s pretty common for bedrooms to have areas of leftover floor space that are tricky to spruce up because they are just too narrow. Bedsides suffer from this issue. It’s important to make them look nice and to enhance their texture underfoot, but regular rugs don’t work in these spaces because they don’t fit.

Poorly fitting rugs are not really worth using in spaces like this. However, regular rugs aren’t the only option. Hallway runners are narrow because they are specially designed to fit hallways, but this attribute also works for besides. Rug designers recognise this so they actually focus on producing hallway runners that are very versatile in terms of their styles, patterns and colours. This means that some work in hallway environments and some work in bedroom environments which are generally quite different to one another.