It is sometimes possible to cover an entire portion of laminate covered flooring with a large rug. The advantage of large rugs is that they allow you to perform this otherwise very tricky task – that of creating a carpeted area within a larger expanse that is not completely carpeted over.

The advantage of using rugs in this way is that you are able to split open spaces up into more defined zones – perhaps a lounging zone and dining area separated only by the texture underfoot. Many people do this with smaller rugs, but for a bigger effect it’s possible to choose rugs are larger dimensions.

The trick is to measure out the entire rectangle of space that needs to be covered. If a rug of those dimensions can quite be found then custom sizing is an option to make sure the fit is just so. However, large rugs don’t look out of place when they fail to reach the corners of the room because people still identify them as rugs rather than fitted carpets.

Having new carpets fitted is a major upheaval but replacing a large rug with a new one when styles or interests change is easy. Traditional rugs, modern rugs and all sorts of designer rugs can be found in very large sizes.