When you buy a new house that is part of a brand new development, the very first thing you are likely to try and do in terms of interior design is impress a bit of character on the surroundings. New builds are great because they’re modern and efficient and clean, but that doesn’t mean they have much character to begin with so it’s down to you to make the place seem homely.

This is definitely something you can do with designer rugs. Designer rugs are great because they have an instant impact unlike other changes that often take time to have an effect or that require a lot of work to come off in the way you want them to.

When it comes to designer rugs, all you need to do is settle on the sort of design aesthetic you are hoping to achieve in a particular space and then shop around for the rugs that fit your ideas the closest. Buying online is easy because delivery is often sorted for you and it’s just a matter of unpacking your new rug and laying it to completely change the mood and style of the blank space you’ve invested in.