It’s not easy to bring off the vintage look successfully in the home even when you’ve got really good instincts for cool interior design. The trouble comes from finding the right balance. You want your room to look tastefully informed by classic designs – not old-fashioned.

Wall art is really hard to find with the right impact. The fact is that a lot of wall art serves to update rooms too readily when the rest of the theme is about time-honoured style. Other forms of wall art make a cool vintage space look really dated. There’s no longer that modern-vintage balance going on – just an old-fashioned look that is in need of modernisation.

So what can you do to get around this? First of all, you can actually change your tactics in terms of finding great decorative elements for the wall.

Rugs have long been used as wall hangings because they enable people to make stylish statements without using wall art. Traditional rugs and kilims are especially good here because they are lightweight and feature such wonderful vintage style. Rugs that are large enough are also great at filling vast expanses of wall space that otherwise feel a bit like negative space.