It’s important to have good acoustics in a room devoted to music practise. This goes for beginners, amateurs and professionals who like to be able to play and work at home. The thing about good acoustics is that you don’t want to sacrifice style in order to achieve them. Oddly enough, rugs really come into the debate about how to make use of good acoustics at home.

This is particularly important where drums are involved. Placing a thick rug beneath a set of drums reduces the amount of background noise associated with playing the instrument, so you can only hear what you are meant to heat.

Rugs also prevent drums from vibrating and creating noise when other instruments like bass guitars are played alongside them.

However, rugs also provide that extra bit of noise insulation in rooms that are decked out with wooden floors. This is important to preserve the quality of the sounds being created. If you are in the habit of recording practise sessions then rugs are pretty vital additions to your setup.

In fact, traditional rugs have become something of a feature in recording studios and practise rooms and they contribute to the aesthetics of the environment in a big way.