If you are thinking of having some of the rooms in your house fit with laminate flooring then you are making a very stylish and practical choice. Laminate flooring is comfortable, attractive and versatile. It’s also very easy to clean and contributes to a healthy environment in the home. The trouble is that uninterrupted portions of laminate flooring often look a little cold.

In order to jazz them up a little and endow them with additional warmth and texture, the obvious thing to do is to find rugs that you can place in the area. Textiles are important extras in rooms that are all smooth wall and floor because they make the place so much more inviting and homely – exactly what most people want from a domestic setting.

Lots of different rugs will work with laminate flooring but the key is to use them as the basis of your colour scheme or to reinforce the accents of colour you are using around the room. Modern rugs tend to do this well because they are available in bold colours as well as in pastel tones, while traditional rugs are classy and intricate with incredible versatility.