Delicacy is something that people look for in rugs that are meant purely for their aesthetic impact, but the most delicate rugs out there aren’t much good when you need rugs to be hardy. This is the case in rooms that are often busy with people or in spaces where design plays second fiddle to practicality.

This is the case in the kitchen, the utility room and often the conservatory and playroom. What you need in these spaces are rugs that are made to stand the test of time, not succumb to everyday use because they are too delicate for the challenges they are put up to.

The best rugs for this sort of job are those made from coarser materials. Certain wool rugs are very hardy indeed and there are also washable rugs out there that will stand repeated washes in the machine. These are a fairly good bet.

Some natural rugs are especially hardwearing as well because they are made of such durable fibres. Sisal rugs, jute rugs and hemp rugs can definitely bring a form of very practical style to spaces around the house.