When the British Isles suddenly experience a bout of really warm weather, it becomes apparent that some rugs are just too thick and luxurious for the summer months. Rugs like shaggy rugs are great in the winter when you need something to warm you up at home, but you often want a different effect from your interior spaces when the sun is shining and temperatures outside are nudging 30C.

So what sort of rugs can you get hold of for a more relaxed and cooling effect as opposed to the more recognised and widely available warming effect? Natural fibre rugs are certainly worth looking at because they have a totally different texture to wool rugs. They are cool to the touch and incredibly stylish.

Other flat woven rugs also have a positive effect because they don’t warm things up too much – they just up the ante with regard to interior design instead of having any psychological or physical impact when it comes to raising the temperature. You could also look for rugs with neutral colours or ‘colder’ colours like greens and blues as opposed to ‘warmer’ colours like reds, yellows and oranges.