Rugs have a huge amount of potential when it comes to interior design and they are often used by their owners for more than just floor coverings. The fact is that the style potential of these additions gives them an awful lot of say when it comes to impact of your interior design. Why limit them to filling floor space or sitting under coffee tables when they can do so much more?

Certain rugs look absolutely great when they are hung on the wall. It can be a struggle to find wall art that packs enough of a punch and fills enough space on the wall and that’s why savvy homeowners turn to textiles. They are large, colourful and easy to hang, so it makes sense that this particular usage is catching on.

So what are the best rugs to use as wall hangings? Generally speaking, you want the most lightweight rugs and preferably those with nice intricate designs that make great use of colour and motif to keep interest levels at a high. Look for kilim rugs and flat woven rugs with a traditional or oriental twist.