Rug underlay is well worth considering if you are buying rugs for your home. A lot of homes these days are finished with attractive laminate flooring. Others are finished with attractive tiling in certain spaces where tiling is suitable. These smooth surfaces don’t actually set up any friction between themselves and the rugs placed on top of them and this friction needs to be replaced.

A healthy measure of friction between the floor and the modern rugs in your home is important because without it the rugs can become a slipping hazard. This is not so much the case if you are placing rugs directly onto carpet because carpets represent a rougher surface and they keep rugs in place more securely.

Anti-slip rug underlay can be placed between the floor and the rugs in your home to keep the rugs in place. Not only does this stop the rugs from moving underfoot, thereby reducing the chance of rugs being a slipping hazard, it also keeps the rugs in place to stop them shifting and spoiling the sense of symmetry in the room.