Online shopping has obviously changed a great deal about the way we live because it’s made everything so incredibly convenient. It’s certainly had a massive impact on the way people decorate their homes, because they are actually in a position to make more informed decisions about interior design and decorative features in each room.

Take shopping for rugs as an example. Shopping for rugs online is easy partly because of the same principles that make any kind of online shopping easy – you can fit your browsing around your home life, buy something quickly and have it delivered straight to your door. You often get to take advantage of discounts too.

However, you’re also benefitting from the fact that you can look at a wide online range of rugs – everything from the latest modern rugs to time-honoured traditional rugs – while sitting in the room they will occupy. That way you get a faithful visual idea of what each rug will look like.

You can’t underestimate this feature of online rug shopping. It vastly reduces the likelihood of you choosing an unsuitable rug by accident – something that doesn’t quite fit the style of the room or the colour scheme. This is a principle that applies to other forms of online shopping too.