Now is definitely the time for winter rugs! Up and down the country people are really starting to feel the cold and those who have stuck it out until now are starting to waver in terms of putting the central heating on. Of course, there’s no shame in getting the heating on when you’re very much into closing part of the year.

The most winter-ready rugs are those that give the most attractive impression of warmth. They tend to be thick and soft enough for you to walk on them barefoot without feeling as though you are getting the chill from outside in the house. That’s why sheepskin rugs and thick wool rugs have such a wide following.

The thing to look for in a winter rug is not just the fact that the texture feels warm, but also for patterns and colours that give the psychological impression of warmth because this can be just as powerful as far as making your front room or your bedroom as comfortable as possible. We humans are very impressionable creatures so warmer colours have a very soothing effect on us!