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22 Great Tips to Make your Student Room a Home Infographic

Moving out from your nice, comfy bedroom at home and into a dull, prison-like student room, can at times, be a little daunting and scary. However, we've come up with some fantastic ways to instantly make your student space into your new home.

First we begin with simply moving things around and having everything exactly where you want it. Maybe you have your bed in the centre of the room but you'd prefer it up against the wall? Well, DO IT! Nothing's stopping you.

Next we tackle the walls. It's funny how quickly you can turn those bare, energy-sapping walls into something that can inspire and motivate you. Especially on those Thursday morning, 9 am lectures.

Lighting your room properly is also a great way to make this space your own, as those standard ceiling lights can be very headache inducing.

We'll also give you some awesome storage solutions; perfect for hiding those sneaky snacks you don't want your roommates to find.

And finally, we cover the inevitable. Mess. Yes, we'll supply you with the best ways to keep your new place polished and pristine. You don't want all that hard work be for nothing now do we?

So take a look and revamp your student room!

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