Louis De Poortere Runners Mosaiq 8387 Beige Shade

The Mosaiq Beige Shade 8387 Runners feature a stylish mosaiq design in contrasting shades of Beige. This stunning range of rugs has been designed by the famous Belgian design Louis De Poortere and are woven on wilton jacquard looms using a combination of the finest pure wool and cotton chenille yarns to create the intricate detailing. These flatweave rugs are approx 8mm in thickness making them the perfect choice for under tables and chairs and very durable and easy to maintain. The edges are hemmed to create a neat finish and the backing of these rugs is treated with an anti slip coating to prevent movement on your floor.

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Louis De Poortere Runners Mosaiq 8387 Beige Shade

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Qty Sizes Available  
80x240cm (Runner) : £239.00
60x90cm (3’0"x2’0") : £79.00
70x140cm (4’8"x2’3") : £129.00
140x200cm (6’8"x4’8") : £310.00
170x240cm (7’10"x5’6") : £445.00
200x280cm (9’2"x6’8") : £645.00
230x330cm (10’9"x7’6") : £845.00
280x360cm (11’9"x9’2") : £1135.00

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