Velvet Rugs in Earth Grey

Velvet Rugs in earth grey will be a stunning focal point to your décor with the impressive gradient colour palette of brown and grey. Hand woven with a 100% banana silk yarn to create this lustrous silky pile which shimmers beautifully in the light. Banana silk yarn starts as bark from the banana tree. The bark is then soaked until the cellulose fibers are all that remains. It is then extruded into pulp and then spun into a soft and silky yarn. Weight of 4.2kg per square metre.

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Velvet Rugs in Earth Grey

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170x230cm (7’6"x5’6") : £1386.00
200x300cm (9’8"x6’8") : £2013.00
240x340cm (11’0"x8’0") : £2736.00

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