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YuYu Luxury Hot Water Bottle

Welcome to the glorious Inner Mongolian Cashmere and Cashmere Blend Collection by Richard Yu. This luxury collection of hot water bottles was created by Richard in early 2010 when he was struggling to get through a chilly London winter, using a square hot water bottle to relieve himself of the goose pimples that seemed as if they ran right down to his core. Annoyed with constantly having to keep moving his bottle around his body to keep himself warm, he thought to himself: Why in the world do they not make these things longer? Richard then went off to resolve this problem by inventing these astonishing hot water bottles we see today. This eureka moment of his set off the long journey, that would eventually lead up to so much more than the mere realisation of a longer version of the age-old hot water bottle. Since then, YuYu has grown from a company being run from a living room in Wimbledon, to becoming the provider of an internationally loved article and symbol of warmth. The covers for these luxury hot water bottles are available in a variety of fabrics ranging from cashmere from Inner Mongolia, Liberty Prints and Japanese cottons, luxury fleece, Belgian linen and stunning tartan designs from the leading tartan manufacture in the world, some with wearable straps! Popular ways of wearing it include strapping the bottle around the waist to target the abdomen and lower back, and over the neck or shoulder and upper back. Not only can you move around your home with this astounding bottle, but the strap enables you to take it outside, and perhaps wear it snuggly under a coat through the cold autumn/winter months. Please note the Cashmere covers do not include the extendable strap feature because of its delicate material. Most households in the UK own a hot water bottle, but the YuYu Bottle is extra special and luxurious, making an unforgettable, show-stopping gift for those who have everything! After all, can there be a greater gift to oneself or a loved one than the gift of warmth and soothing?