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Cowhide Rugs Our Natural cowhide rugs are available in a choice of styles including Brindle, Hereford, Salt and Pepper or Exotic. Popular Colour options are brown/white or black/white colour combinations and we have recently introduced grey, white, beige and tri colour hides. We have new stocks arriving weekly in a variety of sizes to suit all rooms of your home. Authentic Cowhides look great on the floor but can also be used as a stylish wall hanging or draped over furnishings. The Rug Seller works to a strong ethical and environmental policy and all hides are a by product of the food industry why are recycled by our tanneries to produce luxury floor coverings. Cowhide rugs come from genuine cattle hide and each piece may have original scar, scratches and branding markings. These will not affect the wearing properties of the cowhides, we feel they enhance the apperance and are the sign of a genuine leather hide. To maintain the appearance of a cowhide we recommend regulary shaking outside to remove any trapped dirt or by using the nozzle attachment of a hoover. In high traffic areas we recommend turning the rug on a regular basis to ensure even wear.