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Corporate Trade Buying

We have assisted trade corporate buyers, Interior designers, architect firms, hotels and corporate businesses with selecting and purchasing with bespoke Rug and Runners specifications across the world. Our links with rug suppliers means we are strongly placed to offer bespoke selections of Rug styles and fittings as well as quick turnaround of off the shelf and custom bespoke sized designs. In our years assisting interior designers and more we have helped create some unique and beautiful projects.

For specific questions and assistance on trade buying please email or feel free to phone us to discuss your project needs and we are more than happy to help.

In the business, home and hotel world, the most important thing is the various conscious and unconscious factors that give you a sense of comfort and wellbeing. Sometimes, when it comes to planning the rooms in our interiors, we place the rug last.

We tend to think rugs are just used at home in order to make a welcoming impression. But, they're always used in business of all kinds. Rugs do a great job of filling empty spaces with something interesting to look at and comfortable to stand on. They reinforce colour schemes and help set the right mood of an interior environment.

When you're buying a rug from a business point of view it may not seem too important, let us change that thought. Rugs help many people to add comfort or style to any room, buying a rug for your company such as a hotel will bring comfort to your customers when they are in that particular room. Whilst purchasing a rug may seem like a simple task, it can make your workspace look more professional. Having these details such as a rug within the work space helps to make the space look finished, well polished and it will also come across as you've thought hard about impressing your customers.

The benefits of a designed work environment have been widely proven. Good design and interior accessories not only help to reflect and transfer a company's culture and brand identity. It also empowers people at work to reach their fullest potential and leaves a lasting impression on visiting clients and customers.

Having a rug in gathering areas helps to inspire people to be creative within a comfortable and safe atmosphere, where expression and communication flow naturally. Collaborative accessories such as rugs and cushions, not only allows you to play with the design of a space in very cool ways, but also motivates people to gather to communicate and exchange ideas, supporting and encouraging one of the most essential aspects to any company which is teamwork.

Many have studied colour theory for countless years, and many theories have been discovered. However, the most discussed theory is how colour represents moods and feelings. For example when you think of the colour red you automatically think of love and danger, this can be used to our advantage when styling homes, offices, hotels etc. one of the main things you take into account when buying a rug is the pattern and colour, by choosing a colour it can make visitors, employers or just the general public feel a certain way for example if you was styling a spa reception you'd want to youse white and neutral colours within the rug as this reflects a peaceful mindset.