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Nicole Sherzinger Bedding, Cushions, Throws, Curtains and Towels

Introducing Nicoleís first bedding collection, Nalu. Nalu is a word originating from Nicoleís birthplace, Hawaii, but it encapsulates much more than one simple meaning. In fact, itís more of an idea than a single word, a concept that means Ďthe natural, tranquil, repetitive motion of ocean waves and also to contemplate calmly and unravel complexity through composed thought.í Itís a concept very close to Nicoleís heart and now, one that she hopes will soon be close to yours. Living a balanced life means making time to recover and rejuvenate - as much for the pleasure of doing nothing, but also for the replenishment your mind and body needs for you to be at your best every day. Every colour, texture and stitch has been chosen and crafted by Nicole. The designs you see are hers. This is no celebrity endorsement - itís much deeper and more meaningful than that. Bring Nalu into your life and there will forever be a part of Nicoleís creative spirit in your home.